It matters how you think!

In this well-loved letter written by Paul to the Philippians he uses the Greek word phroneo eleven times. Phroneo is the word for “how we are to think!” In the four short chapters in this letter, Paul describes a way of thinking that will affect our relationships, our journey in life, our posture before God, and our emotional health.

I am so excited to do this study with you. God is in the transforming business in our lives and He uses the Word of God to work deep within us. Our role is to get the Word into us each day through reading, listening, and meditating. You are taking that step of commitment today and joining others who will be working through this devotional study with you.


SUMMER STUDY – June 5 – July 7

Join me for a summer online study. Here’s how it works:

There are 3 different tools you can use to learn from this devotional study.

  1. Read each devotional. This is a five-week study and there is a devotional ready for you each day Monday through Friday.
  2. Watch the short videos on Every Monday I will send you an email with a video introducing the week’s study. On Friday I will send another video with a favorite verse from the book of Philippians for you to meditate on over the weekend.
  3. Dig Deeper. For those who love to dig deeper and study on your own, there is an assignment for you with each devotional.

You can follow along with me for these 5 weeks OR you can work at your own pace over the entire summer.  The videos will always be available for you.

Sign up below to join the email list for the Philippians Summer Study.

Summer Study


Join the Philippians Summer Study - June 5 thru July 7. Do your lessons along with Becky or work at your own pace over the entire summer. Two videos will be sent each week and these will always be available for you.


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